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Nature excursions

Summer excursions
In the summer we arrange full- and half-day trips into the pure, wild nature of the Rovaniemi district. All excursions are tailored according to your wishes (weather permitting). Possibilities include fishing, picking berries, mushrooms or herbs, or hiking in the beautiful forests. We can take you to our summer cottage, to experience sauna heated by fire and swimming in the blue Raanujärvi lake (60 km from Rovaniemi). Lunch can be prepared by open fire. Trips include transportation, guidance with broad knowledge and many stories of Lapland, delicious nourishments and the necessary equipment according to the activity of choice. You need to bring only personal gear, like trekking shoes and clothes.

On boat trips for 1-4 persons you get to know Rovaniemi from a whole new perspective! We head out to Ounasjoki and Kemijoki rivers on a motor boat, where you can experience marvellous views of sandy river deltas and high rock walls, and have lunch on the river shore “laavu” (lean-to with open fire).

Winter excursions
The Rovaniemi area provides excellent possibilities for skiing trips of different kind, from high hills to the great rivers. According to your wishes, we can cook by open fire also on the skiing trips. You are expexted to bring your own skiis.

On the ice-fishing trips we take you to the nearby rivers or lakes, or to our cottage in the Raanujärvi lake (60 km from Rovaniemi). We provide you the fishing equipment, transport and delicious meals, possibly also snow-mobile riding.